"Stefanito" by Otto Karl Schenk


This exceptional violin, which I have been playing since August 2016, was built by Otto Karl Schenk, a great luthier from Bern. It is a faithful copy of (and owes its "nickname" to) the violin by Stefano Scarampella, I played previously, with the courtesy of Mr Schenk. Its sound has been praised as balanced but temperamental, melting well within a string ensemble but still having the quality of a sparkling, bright solo instrument which gets through even in big concert halls. 

Since the violin was born I have played it in different contexts: as a soloist of contemporary repertoire, in string trio and string quartet, chamber music and bigger ensembles, as well as in symphonic orchestras. The pallete of colours and timbres it offers and its sensitivity and responsivity to my musical ideas have always been a friend I could depend on. It is a young instrument, but has already gained the qualities one looks for in old italian masterpieces. 


Otto Karl Schenk is a great craftsman and one of a kind artist among violin makers. Having worked with him between 2011 and 2014 I learnt that what makes him such a great luthier is his passion supported with huge knowledge of the instrument, precision and exceptional skills, concluded with a touching sensitivity to sound and music. 

His workshop in Bern is a special place on its own, worth a visit to get to know mr Schenk personally, try out his instruments and let yourself be flattered by the unusual character of it. The character you can hear in the sound of Stefanito. 


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