1. Winners of Nicati Competition !

    08 Sep 2019
    As summer has started so has our very intensive work with Concept Store Quartet. We spent half of July locked in “the air-conditioned Studio 1” working our fingers to the bones over five new pieces. Listening to advices of Uli Fussenegger (Klangforum Wien), Melise Mellinger (Ensemble Recherche), Christian Dierstein (Ensemble…

  2. Leiko Ikemura “Ich die immer andere” / Performance in Kunstmuseum Basel 21.08.2019

    21 Aug 2019
    In the last couple of months I had the pleasure to work with a very special artist, Leiko Ikemura, whos exhibition has been presented in Kunstmuseum Basel. Together with Ms Ikemura, Nejc Grm (accordion), Sophie Flannery Prune Vergères and David Lagerqvist (dance) we created a beautiful, poetic performance presented in…

  3. Concept Store Quartet op.1, 27.01.2019, Basel

    29 Jan 2019
    I am very happy to present our big new project - Concept Store Quartet After weeks of talking to composers, trying out, organizing, practicing for 14 hours a day we came out last Sunday, 27. January 2019. The concert was sold out  :)  and we got a wonderful feedback. I…

  4. Neuverband in Basel, Geneva Bern and Zurich, January 2019

    07 Jan 2019
    ENSEMBLE neuverBand CIRCLES The corpus of modern and contemporary repertoire for solo mezzo soprano, in comparison to those of the soprano or alto, is strikingly modest in size. Its expressive potential—in a register whose tessitura is so closely related to that of spoken word—has, only in a handful of works,…

  5. Ensemble Proton Bern, Brit Pop, October 2018

    07 Jan 2019
    22. Oktober 2018, 19.30h Schlachthaus Theater Bern  23. Oktober 2018, 20.00h Gare du Nord Basel  ENSEMBLE PROTON BERN  Music analysis Thomas Meyer for „Secret Theatre“ Birtwistle, Harrison (*1934) Secret Theatre (1984)  Rushton, Edward (*1972)  oo – his own eyes (2018)  UA, com ensemble proton bern Dirigent - Matthias KuhnReferent -…

  6. The Past in Radialsystem November 2018

    07 Jan 2019
    November 2018 Radialsystem, Berlin THE PAST Direction and choreography: Constanza Macras Music: Oscar Bianchi Dramaturgie: Carmen Mehnert Dance and acting: Emil Bordás, Abdallah Damra, Fernanda Farah, Luc Guiol, Nile Koetting, Johanna Lemke, Ana Mondini, Felix Saalmann und Miki Shoji  Musicians: Yuka Otha, Susanne Fröhlich und Alicja Pilarczyk  Light: Sergio Pessanha…

  7. Neuvel Ensemble Contemporain, Oscar Bianchi and Sinatra in Agony

    07 Jan 2019
    Neuvel Ensemble Contemporain  Oscar Bianchi “Sinatra in Agony” Music and direction : Oscar BianchiText and dramaturgy : Marlene KolatschnyCostumes and scenography : Lydia SondereggerVideo : Julie SchroellLights : Ulrich KellermannMusical assistance : Haukur Þór Harðarson Daniel Gloger, contre-tenorCornelius Schwalm, comediantConductor : Lennart Dohms and Pierre-Alain Monot April 2018  - Gare…

  8. Ensemble Modern Orchestra, Passage/Paysage by M. Spahlinger

    07 Jan 2019
    September/October 2018 Ensemble Modern Orchestra Mathias Spahlinger Passage/Paysage Berlin Philharmonie Munich, Prinzregententheater

  9. Coming Together with the Ensemble of Academy of Arts in Szczecin 22.01.2018

    07 Feb 2018
    One of very inspiring moments of my life is working with my students in the Academy of Arts in Szczecin. They are a bunch of very curious and creative people, sometime a little difficult to control ;) but always very devoted to what we do. The winter semester of 2017/18…

  10. Georges Aperghis and the Zig Bang, January 2018

    07 Feb 2018
    Meanwhile preparing the Gabinett of Curiosities some of the Zoniests were working on the texts from Zig Bang by Georges Aperghis. The composer has had the residency this year in our course and it has been a great honour to work with him until now.  The concert happened on January…

  11. Zone Experimental and Kabinett der Kuriositäten

    07 Feb 2018
    As students at the Master Specialized program for Contemporary Music in Basel our main job is to… be creative. The first big performance our student’s ensemble, zone expermimental, has prepared this year, was a performance in Ackermanshof in Basel. An unusual performance. Not a concert. Not an exhibition. Not a…

  12. Take Death at Crescendo…! with Ensemble Modern Orchestra

    07 Feb 2018
    In November 2015 we had our first appearance on the Crescendo…! biennale in Frankfurt am Main and the last appearance as IEMA. In November 2017 I was back to Frankfurt to play together with EM in hr-Sendesaal a premiere of Martin Grütter’s  Allheilmittel for Orchestra with Piano and Hyperpiano (2017)…

  13. The Barnes Ensemble, Philadelphia 10. 2017

    07 Feb 2018
    In September and October 2017 I experienced what you call “dreams come true”. The premiere of NOMOZART at the Lucerne Festival was a big success. The next project that  had to jum into preapring was The Barnes Festival in Philadelphia. The concept was started by two very enthusiastic and visionary…

  14. NOMOZART Premiere 10. Sept. 2017

    17 Sep 2017
    After almost half a year of preparations we brought the piece to stage. After 7 shows for children and The Friends of Lucerne Festival we were ready for our premiere on 10. September. Very well prepared we worked until the last evening to make every part of our show perfect.…

  15. NOMOZART at Lucerne Festival 2017

    27 Aug 2017
    I have gone through a lot of changes recently. In the last days I had to move out and move in twice and I ended up being back to Lucerne to finish the Young Performance Project. The video we shot in June and some pictures and interviews are allover the…

  16. #Hashtag#Ensemble#Recordings#Networkmusic

    13 Aug 2017
    It was a nice surprise in this lazy summer days ;) to be invited to record two pieces with a very exciting and proffesional group of people - Hashtag Ensemble. I met some old friends (Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska/viola, Ignacy Zalewski/conductor&composer, Dariusz Przybylski/keyboard&composer) and made many new ones. II Chamber Concerto of…

  17. Recordings

    26 Jul 2017
    Better later than never, as they say. A few recordings I happened to make lately:

  18. Lucerne Young Performance Set 2

    23 Jul 2017
    The previous post about YP was just a short notice. At the end of June we finished our 2nd phase of preparing the show which will be premiered at the Lucenre Festival on Sept 10.  These two weeks of work was a very important time. I believe that each of…

  19. “Happening with Felix del Tredici”

    23 Jul 2017
    In the middle of the hot days of June this year, I was extremely proud to watch my students opening their eyes and ears to a completely new experience. Durign the last four months we had been preparing two final - semester concerts with Chamber New Music Orchestra of the…

  20. Lucerne Young Performance

    15 Feb 2017
    After coming back from Asia it has been very busy. One of the effects is my participation in the project of Lucerne Festival Alumni - Young Performance. I am really looking forward to the first meeting in the end of March!

  21. Asean Toyota tour with BNO, Vasco Vasiliev and Pamela Tan-Nicholson

    15 Feb 2017
    That had been incredible weeks playing concerts in the most amazing places I would never dream of seeing. Begawan, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Vientiane, Phnom Penh and Saigon. What you bring out of such an intensive time beside the smells, colours and so many fascinating moments? You bring the…

  22. Kraków and Salvatore Sciarrino

    31 Aug 2016
    Since few days we have been rehearsing in Cracow with Ensemble Spółdzielnia Muzyczna and Lilianna Krych. Every day we discover new thoughts and images of Sciarrino. His fine line of drawing keeps your attention on the highest level. I cannot wait to playthe performances on 22 and 23 of September. 

  23. Darmstadt 48. International Summer Course for New Music

    14 Aug 2016
    A week of working with Geneviève Strosser & Dimitrios Polisoidis It was a very special week. Having worked on the violin and the viola with Genevieve and Dimitrios was very mind-openning and reflective time. As always in Darmstadt, I hadn’t had enough time to see and hear all that I…

  24. Japan tour with Berliner Symphoniker

    23 Jul 2016
    14 Concerts in three weeks. A real marathon! But how exciting to play to full public when all concerts were sold out! In the picture Tokyo Opera House. Few days later we played in Suntory Hall and Osaka Concert Hall. Trully great experience! Looking forward to the next ones.

  25. Berlin in the operahouse

    22 Jun 2016
    Today I had a great opportunity to listen to The Abduction from the Seraglio by Mozart in Deutsche Oper. What a fantastic music! And played also fantastically by the orchestra! I was just confused with the staging (Rodrigo Garcia). I am still thinking about the difference between being shocked and…

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